Carrot Pumpkin Sweet Dish Recipe

Carrot SweetDishes Recipe


Full preparation time

25 minutes

Cook time

60 minutes
For how many people

4 people









1 carrot half a pound of pumpkin
2 lost one hundred twenty-five grams
3 sugar one hundred and twenty-five grams
4 half a liter of milk
5 rice flour a teaspoon of food
6 Cardamom was four to five digits
7 almonds 25 grams crushed
8 pistachio 25 grams was crushed
9 spoonfuls of two tablespoons
10 yellow color one quarter teaspoon



 Preparation recipe



1. Soak the smoked carrots in water.
2. Heat the milk in a pan, then add the carrot and rice flour to it and cook on a low heat. Stir constantly with the help of a spoon.
3. Now add cardamom powder to it and let it cook for fifteen minutes.
4. When the carrots have softened, add the yellow colored mussels, almonds and pistachios and mix well.
5. Then remove from the dish and serve cold.




The SweetRecipe for Making Pumpkin 


Full preparation time

10 minutes
Cooking time

30 minutes
For how many people

3 people

100 calories








1 pumpkin a kilo
2 Chinese half kilograms
Get three and a half pounds
4 Almond Gree a sip
5 pistol two towels
6 green cardamom seeds
7 tablespoons a tablespoon


 Preparation recipe



1. Peel off the pumpkin and set aside the seeds and scoop it up
2. Heat the curry in a saucepan and heat it
3. Fry cardamom seeds as well. Put the pumpkin pumpkin on a low heat and cover with a thin lid
4. If the pumpkin is swallowed, knead it
5. Add sugar and let it cook on the same heat.
6. Keep running
7. If the water is dry and the pudding is too thick, add the almonds and keep frying till the pudding leaves.
8. Then remove the trash and let it sit for a few minutes
9. Apply, apply foil, sprinkle pistachio almonds and also decorate floral leaves and laces to increase the taste.




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