Apple, Coconut, Almond Sweet Recipe

Apple Sweet Recipe










Full preparation
Ready Time || 15 minutes

Cooking time || 40 minutes
For how many people || 6 people


1 apple four digits
2 liters of milk a liter
3 eggs eight digits
4 Chinese custom taste
5 Almond Garnish Customization
6 Pistachio Customization
7 oil two tablespoons

Preparation recipe

1. First wash and peel the apples and remove the seeds, etc., into four pieces.
2. Then add apples, milk, eggs and sugar in the blender and blend well.
3. Now heat the oil in a frying pan, pour the apple mixture into it and put it on a low heat to cook.
4. After the mixture has thickened and left the halved for a few minutes, fry for five minutes. Dish out and garnish with almonds, pistachios.

Coconut Sweet Recipe

Full preparation time || 10 minutes
Cooking time || 25-30 minutes
For how many people || 3 people
Calories || 59 calories


1 coconut kilo
2 milk 1 kg
3 Chinese Custom
4 clarified butter 1kg

Preparation recipe

1 Soak the coconut in enough water to soak it overnight
2 In the morning peel the brown peel and set aside
3 finely grind and mix in milk
4 Bake a string of sugar
5 Cook the coconut over medium heat
6 When the water is dry, add it and fry it well
7 If the scent starts to come, add sugar syrup
8 When the water is dry and the drainage starts to drain, remove it
9 If you want, you can cut the pieces in the tray too

Recipe to Make Almond Sweet

Full preparation time

45 minutes
Cooking time || 20 minutes
For how many people || 2 people
Calories || 697 calories


1 g almonds half a kilo
2 sugar a kilo
3 and a half kg of water

Preparation recipe

1 Soak the almonds and remove the pan and grind it finely
2 Add sugar and water. Put almonds in the dagchi
3 Put almonds on the stove and pour water and stir well
4 Take off when it’s thick

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