Recipe to Make a Light Spinach



Full preparation time

15 minutes
Cooking time

25 minutes
For how many people

2 people










1 spinach (finely chopped) 1 fall
2 green peppers (cut)
3 tbsp 3 teaspoon pulses 1 tbsp
4 basin half cups
5 cups of peanuts quarters
6 tablespoons of white under 1 tablespoon
7 tablespoons turmeric powder half teaspoon
Take 8 cups of yogurt
9 tablespoons molten 2 tbsp
10 Salt Custom Flavor



Preparation recipe



1. Sprinkle spinach, peanuts and chana dal in water
2. Then mesh it
3. Mix the basin in the yogurt and mix the spinach with the salt and turmeric and bring to a boil.
4. Bake the sugar for 10 minutes
5. Heat the curd in a frying pan and put it under the pan and fry
6. Apply a bit of spinach and crust to the spinach
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Simple Fried Spinach Recipe



Full preparation time

25 minutes
Cooking time

35 minutes
For how many people

6 people

23 calories












1 spinach half a kilo
2 tablespoons a tablespoon
3 tablespoons of salt
4 gun powdered sauce four tablespoons
5 tablespoons of sugar
6 tablespoons of 4 tablespoons
7 tablespoons crushed onion, 2 tbsp
8 Garlic crushed bales
9 tablespoons ginger half a tablespoon




Preparation recipe




1 Clean the spinach thoroughly and dust it
2 Heat the ghee in a large saucepan and add the onion, garlic, pickles and fry it for a minute on high heat and stir in the mixture.
3 Now add spinach to it
4 Fry spinach in oil for one and half minutes and add gun powder sauce and sugar to it.
5 Fry for two or three minutes on high heat and stir constantly and stir



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