The Recipe for Making Fish Ginger

Full preparation time

20 minutes
Cooking time

20 minutes
For how many people

4 people








1 fish fly 1/2 kg (wash cubes)
2 yogurt 1/2 kg
3 ginger 2 inch pieces (finely chop strips)
4 tablespoons pepper powder 1-1 / 2 teaspoons
5 under 1 teaspoon (finely chopped)
6 mint (finely chopped) 1 tbsp
7 peppers each 4-5 digits (finely chop)
8 Salt Custom Flavor 9 Oil 1/2 cup



Preparation recipe




1.Then put the yogurt in the pan and cook it on medium heat, half the water in the yogurt is dry then put the fish in it and cook for a long time so that the water becomes dry.
2. Mix ginger, black pepper powder, cumin, oil, 1/2 cup water and salt and cook till the fish is melted.
3. Add turmeric, mint and chillies to each pan
4. Remove and serve in a serving dish





The Recipe for Making Fish Curry

Full preparation time

18 minutes
Cooking time

35 minutes
For how many people

5 people








1 fish weighing seven hundred grams
2 tablespoons of oil 4 teaspoons
3 red peppers proved to be two numbers
4 and a half cups of coconut milk
5 teaspoons of turmeric powder a teaspoon
6 small pieces of ginger
7 garlic two grandsons
8 onions medium to ten digits
9 Two Lime Curls
10 teaspoons of lemon peel powder half teaspoon
11 Salt Custom Flavor



Preparation recipe



1. Put the dagchi in it and put it on the stove
2. When the yogurt is hot, add green onions and garlic in it and fry it.
3. Then add the ginger finely chopped and fry for a minute more then mix the water and the lemon juice and leave to cook and keep the heat on medium.
4. When the yogurt starts to boil, add a sprinkling of lemon pepper, turmeric and salt and let the flour slow down.
5. Mix the coconut milk after five to seven minutes, let it cook for a while. Then put the fish ketchup in the dagchi and cover the dagchi. Bake the dough for at least 25 minutes, then check the slices. When the fish is frozen, remove it from the stove.

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